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Spring is in the Air!

This month we have the Easter celebrations, which can be a dangerous time if you own a dog. I am hoping that I can spread some information about how you can prevent any problems with your dog. You will see some highlighted Handmade by Hayley B products to help you navigate spring!

Harmful Spring Plants for Dogs

Spring time plants – Did you know the following plants are dangerous for dogs? These plants will be sprouting up in the coming weeks as spring hits our doors! Some plants will only cause minor issues such as an upset tummy however others can cause severe problems. There are lots of resources available online that will advise on whether a plant is dangerous or safe for dogs. In researching this blog post I used The Kennel Club and The Blue Cross.

Some of the flowers coming into bloom about now that can cause problems with dogs are below. This list is not exhaustive and should you have any concerns, please contact a plant expert or vet! 

  • Daffodils
  • Tulips
  • Bluebells
  • Spring Crocuses
  • Snowdrops

How to keep your dog safe from Spring Plants





How can you keep your dog safe as spring blooms? Firstly make sure they are unable to eat plants that are definitely dangerous to them, keep them away from plants & their bulbs, such as spring crocuses and daffodils. Do not allow them to eat plants or flowers in the garden especially not bluebells and snowdrops! When out on walks make sure that you are aware of your surroundings and if you have a cheeky pup that might take the fancy of nibbling on a flower, pop them on lead to keep them safe!





Easter with your dog

Easter time brings along another concern for the safety of our dogs as we fill our cupboards with Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns! Did you know that currants and raisins are deadly to a dog? Make sure you keep these goodies up high and out of reach for your four legged pal!


Fun things to do with your dog at Easter!

So how can you enjoy Easter with your dog?

1) Have your own Easter Egg Hunt in the back garden. Instead of Chocolate eggs to sniff out, why not use treats such as carrot or sausages for your dog to search out?

2) Use your Sniffer Enrichment Ball/Snuffle Ball. If you’ve guests coming over, or perhaps a chocolate egg hunt in the garden for the little ones, why not keep your dogs nose and brain engaged with their sniffer enrichment ball? Pop a few small dried treats or food inside and let them sniff to their hearts content! If you don’t have one yet – you can find our stock to order here – Sniffer Enrichment Balls

3) Take a walk in the woodland. Why not take a stroll through the local woodlands. Being based in Sussex Bracken & I are very lucky to have Stanmer Park locally which has some wonderful woodlands. You can even hold a mini photo shoot – just don’t stand in the bluebells as this causes damage to them!

4) Stock up on HMBHB Easter goodies! – Have you seen our range of Easter themed bandanas? Or perhaps one of our collar or harness accessories is more your style. Why not check out our Daisy Dog Flower or a Tractor Bow-Tie.

Bracken & I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post and look forward to seeing your Easter adventures shared with us over on our social media channels!

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