Meet Handmade by Hayley B & Bracken

Hayley B

Creator of Handmade by Hayley B


Bracken; Hayley B's best friend and model for Handmade by Hayley B.

Our Story....

I started Handmade by Hayley B after I had made accessories for my own dog Bracken (who was often mistaken for a male dog) along with my Aunties 3 Springer Spaniels. I learnt to sew when I was 15 and taught myself how to knit a few years ago! I have always enjoyed being creative and Handmade by Hayley B allows me to create cute accessories for your dog, useful accessories (like my treat bag with poo bag dispenser pocket) for their humans & helpful products like my range of double layered doggy snoods and sniffer enrichment balls.

After creating Handmade by Hayley B I began to realise how helpful even our simple accessories can be. Be it a bandana that warns other dog owners yours needs space or a cute flower that makes someone smile, all our accessories are designed and made by hand by me! Our lightweight dog walking bags were tested by my Mum after she requested a “nice bag” to put all the dog walking paraphernalia inside, these bags can take a phone, keys, tennis ball, treats, easy dispensing poo bags with separate pockets to prevent contamination from a slobbery ball onto your set of car keys! Our Out & About bags were created with the request of my Dad that the pouch be large enough to put his hand inside (after struggling with other bags that were too small!). Inspiration for our range of products comes from every part of life with a dog!  

Enrichment can change a dogs life for the better, giving them an outlet for any anxieties, allowing them to burn off pent up energy because they are on restricted exercise or just simply to get the good vibes flowing by allowing your dog to use their nose and foraging centres of their brain! It can also help dogs relax and calm by using one of their biggest strengths – their nose! This is why I have started the Enrichment range of products, such as our Sniffer Enrichment Balls. 

I offer a bespoke service which has seen me create standalone products such as marketing bandanas, memory cushions and team wear bandanas. 

Away from Handmade by Hayley B I am often found in a flyball lane. Bracken & I were introduced to the crazy world of dog sports back when she was just over a year old. After some restrictions due to COVID-19, Flyball in the UK is now back to normal! We absolutely love competing as part of the wonderful Rapid Rascals Flyball Team and I will often share interesting things I have learnt through being in this world. I am now working along side the other coaches with the next generation of Rascals and absolute love seeing these dogs progress. Being part of Flyball has inspired some of the products I now make as part of Handmade by Hayley B which includes our doggy snoods and dog walking bum bags!