Size Guide

Here at Handmade by Hayley B we understand that choosing the right size product is very important! We also understand that doggies come in all different shapes & sizes and we pride ourselves on charging the same for all product sizes. We also have a Dog Breed Size Guide for those who may be purchasing as a gift and cannot measure the dog!

Collar Bandanas

Our collar bandanas come in 3 sizes and are designed to slide straight onto the dog’s collar.

SizeLength to slide onto CollarDrop
Small6.5 inches / 16.5cm6 inches / 15.2cm
Medium9 inches / 22.8cm7.5 inches / 19.05cm
Large10 inches / 25.4cm8 inches / 20.32cm

Hook & Loop Tape Bandanas

Our Hook & Loop bandanas are designed to wrap around the neck & attach with the hook & loop. The size for these would be the same as your dog’s collar & it is important that the bandana is not tight on the neck. The easiest way to measure around the neck (if measuring the neck allow 2 fingers as you would for a collar) or use your dog’s collar as measurement. Depending on the neck size the amount of hook & loop attached will vary. If the size is towards the end of the hook & loop measurement it will mean at least 2 inches of hook & loop is attached! If in doubt order the next size up.

SizeMinimum Neck SizeMaximum Neck SizeDrop
Small7 inches / 17.7cm10 inches / 25.4cm7 inches / 17.7cm
Small Medium10 inches / 25.4cm14 inces / 35.56cm8 inches / 20.32cm
Medium14 inches / 35.56cm19 inches / 48.2cm8.5 inches / 21.59cm
Large19 inches / 48.2cm24 inches / 60.9cm9 inches / 22.8cm


We offer our Bow-Ties in 2 sizes:

S/M – Approximately 4 inches across
M/L – Approximately 5 Inches across

Sailor Bows

We offer our Sailor Bows in 3 different combinations:

Small Bow/Small Tail
Approximately 4-inch bow with 3 1/2-inch tail

Small Bow/Large Tail
Approximately 4-inch box with 4..1/2-inch tail

Large Bow/Large Tail
Approximately 5-inch bow with 4 1/2-inch tail


All of our Flowers come in 1 size only however they can either be attached to the collar with an elastic loop (designed for 2-inch thick collars) or onto a collar or harness using hook & loop tape to form the loop (supplied with a 10cm loop that can be trimmed to size).

6 Rounded Petal – Approx 3 inches across
6 Pointed Petal – Approx 3 inches across
6 Star Petal – Approx 3.5 inches across