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So I thought my first blog post could be a little bit about me (Hayley B of Handmade by Hayley B ) and how Handmade by Hayley B came about!

I first learnt how to sew back in my final year at school. I decided that I wanted to make a fabric playmat for my Design Technology project. Into this story comes family friend Auntie Carol, who taught me how to use the sewing machine! I created the mat from scratch with Auntie Carol’s help and guidance (unfortunately I have no pictures!)

Roll forward to September 2017 when Bracken joined our family. Bracken is a Springer Spaniel Mix (her DNA says 62.5% English Springer Spaniel!) & she has fitted into our family life perfectly.

When we got Bracken I thought about making bandana’s for her. Her first Christmas included some version 1 bandanas (again I don’t often use patterns & enjoy making and designing things from scratch).

As you can see even at an early age Bracken was learning the art of modelling for me!

Christmas 2018 and my Auntie Neat Neat requested a collar flower for her rescue Springer Millie. I obviously couldn’t leave out her other 2 Springers (the boys) and so made Flowers & Bow-ties for them.

A bit of tweeking later and we have the range I currently produce – Collar/Harness Flowers, Collar/Harness Bow-Ties, Dual Pocket Treat bags (with optional poo bag holder) & Collar Bandanas. I have now moved into vinyl cutting to allow for personalisation on the bandanas as well as some slogan designs I have created. The vinyl cutter has allowed me to get even more creative with my time!

Handmade by Hayley B also supports the charity Spaniel Aid (you may see a link here!) As a family we love spaniels, having had Rosie our English Springer Spaniel before Bracken joined us, Auntie Neat Neat currently has 3 Springer Spaniels! Spaniel Aid UK was created as a charity in October 2016 & has assisted with over 2000 dogs in this short time. As supporters of Spaniel Aid I often donate items for auctions such as bespoke bandanas. More recently I have produced some “Adopt Me” bandanas for dogs currently in foster. I have also been involved in a transport run & hope to do more in the future. Please check out their website for more details on how you can support them – Click Here  (including simple things like ordering through & nominating Spaniel Aid UK as the charity)! 

I hope to regularly blog with information and updates as well as stories from the world of Bracken 😊

Thanks for reading our first blog & our story!

Love Hayley B & Bracken

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