Premade Patterned Dog Snoods

Welcome to our premade dog snood collection!

These double layered polar fleece snoods are a must have on those chilly walks!

Simply slide over your dog’s head and they are good to go – you can even tuck in their ears to keep them warm!

These snoods are premade items with the measurements taken from the inside of the snood and the height of the snood when on their neck. Please ensure that when you are measuring your dog, you also measure behind their ears for their head size, if their head is larger than their neck you will need to order a size that will go over their head.

The 3 measurements you will need to ensure the best fit are:

  1. Behind the ears – this is measuring the largest part of the dogs head. This is especially important for dogs such as Staffies & Bulldogs’ who’s heads are generally larger than their necks
  2. Neck – This is the collar measurement.
  3. Neck Length – to make sure you have great coverage we also need the length!

Then choose the from the premade options in the drop down list! If there isn’t a matching size, don’t for get you can order a made to measure bespoke snood!


Meet our Premade Dog Snoods – the ultimate blend of fashion and function for your furry friend. Crafted with precision and care, these snoods are designed to keep your dog warm and stylish in any season.

Explore the key features that make our dog snoods a must-have for every canine companion:

Versatile Sizing and Patterns:

Our Premade Dog Snoods cater to dogs of all shapes and sizes. Choose from a diverse range of sizes and patterns.  Ensuring the perfect fit and style that complements your dog’s unique personality.

Premium Anti-Pill Fleece: 

Made from anti-pill fleece that provides a soft and comfortable feel against your dog’s skin. This high-quality material ensures long-lasting warmth and cosiness.

Double-Layered Construction:

Combat the chill with our double-layered snoods. The 2 layer combination offers an extra layer of insultation to keep your dog warm during the brisk winter walks.

Ear-Friendly Design: 

Worried about cold ears? Our snoods allow your pet’s ears to be tucked inside, providing added protection and warmth on chilly days.

Easy Sizing with 3 Measurements:

Getting the perfect fit is a breeze! Measure behind the ears, neck length, and collar size with our simple guide to ensure your dog’s snood fits snugly and comfortably.

Machine Washable:

Convenience meets cleanliness. All our Premade Dog Snoods are machine washable. We’ve made it easy for you to keep them fresh and ready for the next stylish outing with your pet.

Bespoke Made-to-Measure Options:

For those who crave a personalized touch, explore our bespoke made-to-measure options. Customise the size and design to reflect your dog’s unique style.

Treat your dog to the perfect accessory that combines warmth, style, and comfort.  Shop our Premade Dog Snoods today and make every outing a fashionable adventure!

Designed and produced in The UK by Handmade by Hayley B
Please note that the colours of the finished product may vary slightly to what you see on screen due to individual monitor settings.

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