Dog Poo Bag Clip – The Bag Pal

Meet The Bag Pal – A Dog Poo Bag clip.  This is a must-have product for every dog owner. Do you  value cleanliness and convenience during your daily walks? This helpful product carries the used poo bag, so you don’t have to! Just Clean, Clip & Carry to the nearest bin!



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This product is a great gift for a new dog owner. Help make walking the puppy a breeze with this handy tool to carry the used dog poo bag clip.

Crafted from durable acrylic,. The Bag Pal ensures longevity and reliability in any weather condition. The compact dimensions make it a discreet yet essential addition to your dog walking gear. The sublimated design ensures that your dog poo bag clip is cute as well as functional!

The Bag Pal’s standout feature lies in its utility for used poo bags. Slide them onto the bone-shaped clip until you find a suitable bin for disposal. This design eliminates the need to carry soiled bags in your hands or pockets. The Bag Pal provides a hands-free solution for a more enjoyable walk with your furry friend.

Equipped with a sturdy carabiner clip. You can secure to your bag or belt, ensuring it’s always within reach when needed.

The Bag Pal – Dog Poo Bag Clip can be added to any product in our dog walking accessories range.

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of juggling used poo bags during your dog walks. The Bag Pal is here to make your time out on walks more enjoyable.  Keeping your hands free and your focus on the joy of spending quality time with your beloved pet. Upgrade your dog walking experience with this practical and indispensable accessory – The Bag Pal.

Clean, Clip, Carry!

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