Sniffer Enrichment Ball

Our Sniffer Enrichment Balls are must have for any dog owner! Providing an outlet for the natural activity of sniffing, these snuffle balls are designed to bring your dog joy with every use!

Unlike snuffle mats, our balls are designed to move with your dog, which means that they can be more difficult to cheat than just a standard mat! Suitable for use indoors, outdoors and in the crate, our snuffle balls are designed to be used everywhere!

Made from a soft fleece material, you simply pop dry food or treats into the folds of the fabric (deeper makes it more difficult) and let your dog (or cat!) sniff them out.

These balls are ready to go and as pictured.

This activity can be used to slow down eating, keep their brains active whilst recovering from injury or just for a simple bit of enrichment.



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Introducing our innovative Sniffer Enrichment Balls.  Designed to engage your furry friend’s natural instincts while providing endless entertainment! Our handmade snuffle balls are the ultimate treat-hiding solution for your canine companion. Crafted with care in the UK from premium anti-pill polar fleece. This collection of Sniffer Enrichment Balls are ready to go and premade in design. Should you wish for a different size or colour combination pick from our bespoke range!

Why use Sniffing with your dog?

Harnessing the power of scent, these Sniffer Enrichment Balls allow you to easily conceal dry kibble or treats within their folds. Our Balls turn mealtime or snack time into an exciting scavenger hunt for your dog.  The act of sniffing promotes their natural foraging instincts and provides mental stimulation. This in turn can provide an outlet for excess energy. The act of sniffing can be more powerful than a physical walk.

Sniffing isn’t just a fun pastime for dogs – it’s also very beneficial for their overall well-being. By engaging in scent-oriented activities like using our Sniffer Enrichment Balls, dogs can reduce stress and anxiety. You can boost their confidence, and improve their cognitive function whilst engaging in their noses . This contributes to improving their overall health and happiness.

Functional Product

Our Sniffer Enrichment Balls are not only functional but also practical. Made from high-quality anti-pill polar fleece, they are durable, soft, and machine washable, ensuring long-lasting use and easy maintenance. With a variety of sizes and colors available, you can find the perfect snuffle ball to suit your dog’s size and personality. Plus, with our quick shipping options, you can have your sniffer enrichment ball ready to delight your dog in just a few days!

Take your dog’s enrichment to the next level with our Sniffer Enrichment Balls – the perfect combination of fun, functionality, and furry friend-approved design. Explore our range of sizes and colors, or opt for our bespoke options to tailor your snuffle ball experience to perfection. Treat your dog to the joy of sniffing with our Sniffer Enrichment Balls today!

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