Sniffer Shapes – Sniff-A-Round

Get those noses working with our brand new Sniffer Shapes range!

Introducing the Sniff-a-Round: The Ultimate Sniffing Enrichment Experience for Your Canine Companion!

Designed with love and crafted by Handmade by Hayley B., the Sniff-a-Round is a one-of-a-kind sniffer shape that will delight your dog. With its unique design and thoughtfully selected materials, this enrichment toy is guaranteed to keep your dog engaged, entertained, and mentally stimulated.


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The Sniff-a-round is crafted using circular pieces of cozy antipill fleece. The pieces are then cut and assembled to form the shape of a winding worm. The Sniff-a-Round isn’t a toy; it’s a holistic sensory experience that promotes your dog’s overall well-being. Engaging their sense of smell is a natural way to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. The Sniff-a-round provides an outlet for their natural instincts, offering mental and physical exercise. Which has been shown to contribute to a happier and healthier canine companion.

What foods can be used in the Sniffer Shapes?

You can use any dried treats or kibble inside the sniffer shapes. Simply pop the food between the shapes and give to your dog to sniff out.  You control the game by how many pieces you use and where you place them.

Can I use this in a crate?

Absolutely you can use this in a crate! By selecting the option “Crate Ties” your shape will come with 2 pieces of exposed fleece to tie around the bars of the crate. Similarly, it is also suitable for use when your dog is wearing a cone of shame!

Why should I use Sniffing as part of my dog’s life?

Sniffing is an integral part of a dog’s world, and the Sniff-a-Round celebrates this innate behavior. Dogs possess an incredible sense of smell, and engaging their olfactory system through interactive play provides a multitude of benefits. As your dog sniffs and explores the Sniff-a-Round, their senses will be heightened, promoting mental stimulation, relaxation, and stress relief.  Additionally, this enrichment activity also encourages problem-solving skills, as your dog works out how to use the Sniff-A-Round.

How do I keep it clean?

We understand the importance of convenience in your busy life, which is why the Sniff-A-Round is designed to be machine washable. Simply toss it into the washing machine, and it will come out fresh and clean, ready for another round of sniffing fun. Dry out in the sunshine or in the airing cupboard – do not tumble dry!

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