Bespoke Sniffer Enrichment Ball

Meet our bespoke Sniffer Enrichment Ball.

The same great design as our Ready-To-Go Range, this collection allows you to build your own ball!

Pick the pawfect size and colours for your pooch and this product will be made especially for you (and your dog!)


Sniffer Ball Fabrics

Meet our bespoke Sniffer Enrichment Ball for dogs. Crafted by hand with love and care to provide your furry friend with endless hours of joy and mental stimulation. Made from high-quality anti-pill polar fleece. Each ball is a must for canine enrichment.

Sniffing isn’t just a pastime for dogs—it’s essential for their well-being. Our Sniffer Enrichment Ball taps into their natural instincts. This allows  them to engage in the primal act of foraging for food. .Through sniffing, dogs experience reduced stress, increased mental agility, and enhanced overall happiness.

Our Snuffle balls are available in four sizes ranging from mini to large. We like to ensure that even the tiniest companions can indulge in the excitement. Our Snuffle Balls are machine-washable to give easy maintenance. To keep them clean pop on a cool cycle (no hotter than 30 degrees) with minimal detergent and NO fabric conditioner. Air dry & they are ready for use again and again.

What sets our Bespoke Sniffer Enrichment Ball apart is its customisable nature. Choose from a variety of fabric combinations, including rainbow-colored paw prints or sleek geometric designs.  You can tailor the ball to your dog’s unique personality. Whether your canine companion prefers vibrant patterns or subtle hues, there’s an option to suit every taste.

Our Sniffer Balls are easy to use. Just fill the ball in the folds with your dog’s favourite dry food or treats. Pop it down on the floor and watch as they eagerly sniff and explore to uncover their tasty rewards. This interactive experience stimulates their mind, promoting problem-solving skills and boosting cognitive function.

As with all toys, these are not indestructible and it is recommended to keep out of reach whilst not being used. Supervise your pet with their ball at all times and dispose of the toy should any parts become damaged/loose/dangerous.

Give your dog the gift of enrichment with our Sniffer Enrichment Ball. A bespoke creation that combines playfulness with practicality, ensuring endless tail wags and contented smiles. Choose quality, choose customisation, choose enrichment for your beloved canine companion.

As these are made to order, please allow 10 working days from placement of order. It may be sooner but we don’t like to disappoint!

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