Christmas Flower

Our Festive Flower comes in a delightful array of holiday-themed fabrics, ranging from classic reindeer prints to cheery snowflakes, ensuring your pet stands out during the holiday season. You can mix and match to find the perfect style that suits your pup’s personality.


We know that pets can get messy, especially during the festive season, so we’ve made this accessory machine washable at 30 degrees for your convenience. No need to worry about keeping it clean when your furry companion is having a blast at holiday gatherings!


Whether it’s a cozy family gathering, a festive stroll through the neighborhood, or a holiday photoshoot, our Festive Flower is the ideal way to make your pet part of the celebration. Add a touch of charm and cheer to your dog’s attire this holiday season with our versatile and stylish accessory. Make your dog the star of every holiday moment!


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