Dog Poo Bag Clip

Meet The Bag Pal; a Used Dog Poo Bag Clip, the must-have accessory for responsible dog owners in the UK.  Quick as you can, clean, clip and carry (to the nearest bin!) This innovative used dog poo bag clip is a practical product for dog owners. Made from durable acrylic plastic and vibrant sublimated designs on both sides. It comes with a  convenient carabiner clip. The carabiner can clip to your dog’s lead or bag, making this accessible during walks. The clever paw print shape allows you to slide the knot from your used poo bags onto the Bag Pal. This is helpful for maintaining cleanliness and convenience. With the capacity to hold around 5 used bags. It’s an essential for dog owners and walkers alike. The Bag Pal, offering a practical solution with a touch of flair.

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